Comparing trending topics

One of the features that most excites us about the ‘Media Watch’ channel we launched earlier today, is the ability to compare trending topics across UK media.

Here’s a look at trending topics earlier today:

On Twitter (UK trending topics): Raoul Moat, Lindsey Lohan, Cedric Diggory, Yvette Cooper, Edward Cullen, Jeremy Kyle, Germany

Google News: Raoul Moat, Cheryl Cole, Thuat Nguyen, George Michael, App store, Liam Fox, Elle Macpherson, Fernando Torres, Loch Lomond, Range Rover

UK media & journalists on Twitter (aggregate): Raoul Moat, Afghanistan, Liam Fox, David Cameron, London, troops, police, Germany, teachers, Labour

Financial Times: markets, growth, debt, China, cars, Somalia, index

Sky News: Raoul Moat, Afghanistan, Liam Fox, Hariet Harman, Ashcroft

Telegraph: Raoul Moat, PMQs, David Cameron, Schools, Hariet Harman, France

The Independent: Raoul Moat, Tories, Afghanistan, Burqa, Gloria De Piero, Pamplona bull running

Channel 4 News: David Cameron, Liam Fox, Hariet Harman, Afghanistan, Helmand, Raoul Moat

The Guardian: Labour, Government data, inquiry, terrorist, climategate, local government, teachers, pupils, police

BBC: Germany, World Cup, Spain, search (Raoul Moat), teachers, Liam Fox, David Cameron, Sir Richard DannattĀ 

Posted at Wed, Jul 7th 2010, 14:57

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