How to use Tweetminster's Lists for media monitoring

Earlier today we launched several lists aggregating UK media by source. These can be found on our lists page on Twitter.

Lists are a good way of organising and following a select number of people and organisations on Twitter. The media lists are hopefully a helpful addition to our lists of MPs on Twitter, UK MEPs on Twitter, Government Departments, ministers and the Westminster Wire, a list of all the top-sources and commentators around UK politics.

Lists are also a great tool to monitor media rather easily. If you use a Twitter client, like TweetDeck¬†for example, you can very easily set up columns with any list - this means using Tweetminster’s various lists, one could easily follow all UK media, MPs, Government communications and key commentators & influences all from one platform.

While if you’re keen to follow and track relevant tweets around key topics, such as the Economy or Foreign Affairs, then check out our Channels. Alongside a livestream of tweets, Channels also include the most shared news stories and trends around each topic. We will soon make available feeds for the various Channels too and are working on several ways to make it easy to distribute the content of Channels as easily and widely as possible.

We can set up new Channels and feeds around any topic, event or network - so do get in touch with your ideas - @tweetminster .

Posted at Mon, Jul 5th 2010, 17:12

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