The Leaders' Debate

The first leaders’ debate was the most tweeted event around UK politics, with more than triple the activity around Nick Griffin’s appearance at Question Time.

Here are the top-line figures:

Total tweets: 184,396
Average frequency 29.06 tweets per second
Total tweeters: 36,483
Peak: 41.05 tweets/second

Sentiment scores: Clegg: 3.631, Cameron: 3.033, Brown: 3.006 (you can read more about how our sentiment analysis works here)

Nick Clegg was also the most tweeted of the three leaders, followed by Cameron and then Brown. 

The most frequent terms used by the three leaders:

Brown: People, Health, Economy, Police
Cameron: People, Money, Country, Care
Clegg: People, System, Tax, Money 

Looking at the metrics together, Nick Clegg clearly emerges as the ‘winner’, while Brown and Cameron score fairly similarly, yet their scores should be analysed within the context of expectations. Not all 0-0 draws are the same.

Finally, an apology - during the debate our site suffered a period of downtime - we had more than 10 times the traffic we had planned for. The site is gradually resuming normally and we will enhance our set-up in the next couple of days. Next we know what to expect.

Posted at Fri, Apr 16th 2010, 00:24

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