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Press Association

Press Association - General Election Map Tool

Press Association - Election Map

The Press Association has been a leading light of the international news community for 150 years and is now developing applications as a joint venture partner with Tweetminster (we’ve been around about 15 months). The first of these is the Twitter General Election map that shows how actively UK political parties are campaigning on Twitter on both a national and regional level.

The map is designed to give you more insight into the regional representation of political parties, MPs and PPCs (candidates) on Twitter, how frequently they tweet and what they are tweeting about. The map features a live stream of political tweets, live measurement of the number of tweets (all time per party and most active in the last hour) and sentiment ratings of how positively / negatively the Twitter community is feeling about the parties and their leaders.

The Press Association is a great partner to work with and we’re planning lots more interesting apps and tools that will mix our skills with social media monitoring and measurement with their comprehensive news output – delivering products that will bring social UK political coverage to a newspaper, web portal, mobile phone and TV station near you… watch this space. To find out more about the General Election Map – mail us here.


MyPoliticsUK iPhone App - PurpleForge

MyPoliticsUK iPhone App

MyPolitics UK is the latest product from Purple Forge, a leader in providing iPhone applications to politicians, event organisers and interactive marketing organizations in the UK, Canada and the US. Featuring real-time survey tools, news feeds and political content from social media channels like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter, the MyPolitics line of products are designed to engage and provide iPhone owners a personalised news channel to connect with their political representatives and follow the latest political news.

Purple Forge worked closely with Tweetminster to define the data sources, feeds, Twitter IDs and news sources that drive the UK political scene for MyPolitics UK, and engaged our friends at Thin Martian to design the branding and give the user interface a distinct British flavour.

Soon we’ll be launching an API that Purple Forge, and others can leverage to work with our data sources. MyPolitics UK will be amongst the first to leverage these new APIs. Download MyPolitics today! It's free and available from the iTunes app store

Press Association

The Independent Newspaper - The Livewire

Livewire - 400k

The Livewire is our first partnership product with the Independent – and we’re developing more apps and widgets together as the election looms and more politicians and journalists start using Twitter.

The Livewire is a fully functioning Twitter client with filtered feed that let Indy readers view the tweets from MPs, PPCs, news sources, government departments, journalists and the people who make up the most active members of the Twitter politics network – a dynamic group identified by Tweetminster’s tracking tools.

In addition to the Livewire, Tweetminster regularly supplies data and analysis pieces to the Independent politics team to add insight into how politicians are using Twitter and how the public are reacting to news stories and spin. The Independent has an excellent digital offering and we’re very pleased to be the people who feed them with the inside story on Twitter… with more widgets launching soon.