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  • Olympic Summer Games 2012 in London, England.

    What are we getting out of the Olympic Games? - Independent

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  • Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 12 books. Former Under-Secretary General, United Nations. Former Minister

    As Monsoon session of Parliament looms, this strikes a chord! Zachariah’s Lies – Some Truths About Indian Politics

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    Chilcot inquiry: Iraq expert Carne Ross claims civil servants are withholding vital documents

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  • Liberal Democrat candidate for Worsley and Eccles South on 6 May 2010, Programmer, Man Utd and Red Sox fan.

    RT @cleslie92: @SarahBrownUK Tell me Sarah, why does my MP not feel he needs to go to Parliament anymore?

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  • @burritojustice

    My 2 year old daughter is singing along to @arcadefire's No Cars Go. Though her version is very liberal with the HEYs & modes of transport.

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    What are we getting out of the Olympic Games?

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  • The official Jerusalem Post twitter page featuring breaking news from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

    Shas, UTJ reject conversion bill freeze: Reform, Masorti movements halt petitions to enable talks.

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  • Founder and CEO of The Lab.  My primary interests are Management, BI, Social, CRM, Mobile, SMM, Common Sense Business, and Government 2.0. Consultant.  Analyst.

    Getting started within The Social Ecosystem, a checklist: #gov0 #cmo #scrm

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  • editor, @Bristwestival lead organiser, @daisychainbaby PR, @The_Pitch co-creator, 10th most influential UK tweeting blogger

    Why it's time to thank, not spank, business failure

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    Fired USDA official offers Obama a civil rights lesson

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