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  • @odanielpavon

    Oil spill vessels return to site: Ships involved in the effort to secure the Gulf of Mexico blown-out oil well are preparing to resume...

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  • First for breaking news

    51 Corpses Found In Mexico Drug War Dump

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  • First for breaking news

    US Starts Drills Amid 'Sacred' War Threat

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  • We open governments.

    US soldier speaks out about Iraq slaughter video

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  • Editor of Salon

    Jim Clyburn to Dowd, re: Sherrod mess: Obama needs more black people around him. Taylor Branch knew who Shirley Sherrod was right away.

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  • @odanielpavon

    2 US Navy service members missing in Afghanistan (AP): AP - Two U.S. Navy service members disappeared in a dangerous area of east...

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    As Turkey Inches Eastward, Syrians Feel the Love

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    Afghanistan: the US and UK exit strategy is under way, but cannot be allowed to look like failure

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  • I am big. It's the character limits that got small.

    Excuse me. EXCUSE ME. Not a one of you cheesedicks told me about the reenactments on America's Most Wanted. Man, Nightline is amateur hour!

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    Seven more US banks collapse on day of Europe's stress tests

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