Visualising sentiment trends more clearly

Alongside, launching our Election platform, today we’ve also changed the way we display sentiment scores - shifting from a -100 to +100 range to a 1-5 scale where 5 is highest positive sentiment.

We believe that this change will make it much easier to display how trends vary over time as it provides a much cleaner (less spiky) graph when the data is plotted. For example, comparing sentiment around the three main parties over the past month displays a far clearer narrative.

In addition to the month-over-month view in Search, our Election platform displays near-real time sentiment scores that update every minute via a ticker.

Finally, a tip - analysing sentiment is different to polling-information - direct comparisons between parties for example aren’t necessarily always interesting, far more insightful trends are in the variations within each party and comparisons between variations.

Sentiment is one metric that adds a layer of value to a holistic set of insights & data that we’re powering at Tweetminster - it’s in fact always helpful to view sentiment in the context of other indicators, including volume, associated terms and relevant content. 

Here, you can read more about how Tweetminster’s sentiment analysis works.

Posted at Thu, Apr 1st 2010, 17:54

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