Who 'won' askthechancellors?

With a total of 12,250 tweets (averaging 4.1 tweets per second) #askthechancellors was the second most tweeted event around UK politics.

The expectations were great and the frequency of tweets was high throughout the evening - the event delivered. But who won?

We believe that the following data points if looked at holistically can help to inform this question:

  • The majority of tweets were about the three participants, and less so about the topics they were debating.
  • George Osborne was by far the most mentioned of the three. He was the focus of attention before and during the debate. A misspelt “George Osbourne” trended in the UK - this implies that a large number of tweets came from many people who don’t usually tend to tweet about politics and who are not supporters of the Conservative party.
  • Sentiment around the three participants started at +8 for Vince Cable, +4 for Darling and +1 for Osborne. It ended at +5 (-3) for Cable, +1 (-3) for Darling and 0 (-1) for Osborne. 
  • The key metric here are variations - as they are an indicator of performance vs expectation. 

Posted at Tue, Mar 30th 2010, 07:47

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