Tweetminster is a media utility that helps people and organisations discover the most relevant content, trends and insight around their personal and professional interests.

Launched in 2008 with a focus on UK politics, Tweetminster now works with clients, ranging from Reuters and governments to the BBC and leading public affairs agencies, across a range of topics and issues, from Formula One and financial markets to global brands and elections and politics worldwide.

Tweetminster identifies networks of experts and influencers on Twitter around financial markets, global politics or any issue, industry and geography, and analyses the Tweets within these networks to discover what influencers are paying attention to - the tweets, the most shared news stories, the trends and the people shaping and driving the conversations.

In short, Tweetminster tells you what matters around any topic, industry, news event or market.

Tweetminster packages this information into easy to use feeds - of relevant Tweets, news stories, multimedia content, influential users and trends - these can be provided to clients in different ways:

1. Via a behind login, simple to use, dashboard to monitor relevant Tweets, news, influencers and trends 2. Via an API, which allows clients to build new services and applications.
3. Feeds which clients can integrate into their own sites, services and applications. 4. Bespoke research, analysis and strategic consultancy.

We already cover hundreds of topics in over 50 different languages, and can set up new verticals for you on demand.

To get in touch tweet us, @tweetminster, or drop us an email at wire at remains focussed on UK politics and current affairs, both as a showcase for some of our technology and as a public service - we're passionate about making politics more open, social and engaging.

The layout, categorisation and size of the stories on the pages of this website are controlled by data. There is no human or editorial intervention – this is what politicians, civil servants, activists, academics, business analysts and journalists think is the most important news of the day.

Our goal is to provide you with one website bringing together the best quality news content from websites, blogs and social media in one simple to use news platform. We’re optimised for the web, tablets and smart phones to keep you connected wherever you are - live and updated in real time, 24/7. Tweetminser also powers a web app to follow politics and elections on Twitter in over 100 countries and 55 languages.


Our team

Alberto Nardelli

Alberto Nardelli 
Co-founder & CEO


Alberto is the Co-founder and CEO. Together with Andrew, he is responsible for setting and communicating the overall direction for the company and product.

Alberto has worked within the social media space for the past 10 years, in the UK and internationally, at,,, the City of Rome and on the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society.

Alberto has made numerous media appearances and spoken at dozens of events. He holds an MA in Media and Communication Studies and a BA in Political Science. He loves politics, food, football, fashion and film.

Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker
Co-founder & Creative Director


Andrew is the Co-founder and CIO (Chief Innovation Officer). Andrew’s role is focused on developing the Tweetminster technology platform into the next generation of social news products.

He has worked as an interactive, games and web designer & developer since 1995. Co-founding creative technology agency Thin Martian with Bradley Martin and James Clarke, he has spent years creating products and campaigns and social media presences for online brands like Microsoft, Vodafone, Xbox and BSkyB.

A keen advocate of technology, he is a co-investor in social media music data start-up MusicMetric along with Brad and James. Andrew has an MA (hons) in Politics, a PgDip in multimedia technologies and loves old technology, type and trying to live a greener life in rural Suffolk.

Misja Hoebe

Misja Hoebe


Misja is the CTO and technical lead developer for Tweetminster, responsible for converting the continuous flow of data into information that makes sense.

He holds an MA in Educational Sciences and has worked for a number of years in higher education as a technologist on various eLearning, teacher training and policy development projects. After this he became involved in online social media at, and then Tweetminster.

He loves music, data crunching and tough problems in general, and lives and works in the beautiful city of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Simon Hayter
Lead Designer

In his work for Tweetminster Simon focuses on user interface design, data visualisation & brand development. Beyond the site and the apps, he has worked for ThinMartian on Microsoft, MSN, Xbox, Bing, Music Metric and Metro. Originally from an old school typographic print background working with CHS Creative on the south coast.

Simon has 12 years graphic design experience. He studied Graphic Design at The Arts Institute Bournemouth and also has a Pg dip in Film and Moving Image. He is also the Director of Design Corner, a freelance practice he set up in 2006 working with Warner Music, Nonsuch Records & Transgressive Records whilst fueling his passion for cycling with a design and brand development role for in London. His interests include mix media art, photography, sports & independent alternative media.

John King

John King
Front End Developer


John leads front-end development and UX at Tweetminster.

He has a BA in Artificial Intelligence and has been a front-end specialist for 14 years, starting with systems that produce customised bank statements, to his current role of building clean, minimal HTML/CSS templates for web-based projects.

His main loves are deep house music, cycling over the South Downs and walking through the High Weald. He is constantly trying not to keep looking at the sea view from his flat in Hove, Sussex.