A Cold Peace?

Russia’s relationship with the West seems to have hit its lowest point since the Cold War, with rhetoric becoming tougher and more emotional on both sides. According to Donald N. Jensen, resident fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, in the standoff with Europe, Vladimir Putin is unlikely to blink first. Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Is A Sino-Russian Alliance In The Making?

On strategic level, the emergence of a Sino-Russian alliance is logical. First, a Sino-Russian alliance would result in a major confrontation with the West, something which neither China nor Russia wants. For these four reasons, a Sino-Russian alliance is unlikely to emerge under the present circumstances. Does all this mean that a Sino-Russian all [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Breakthrough: 4,6 billion dollar deal secures gas for Ukraine and EU

European Commission - Press Release details page - European Commission Press release Brussels, 30 October 2014 After seven rounds of gas negotiations, last night's talks moderated by Günther H. Oettinger, Vice-President of the European Commission, yielded finally a breakthrough: A 4,6 billion dollar winter package, agreed by Russia and Ukraine, se [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

India, Russia to export BrahMos

The governments of India and Russia have agreed that BrahMos missile will be exported to a list of mutually agreeable countries for defensive purposes. There is also a negative list to which exports are barred. Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Russia and Ukraine Gas Talks Remain on Ice as Winter Sets In

Harsh winter conditions are intensifying in Ukraine but Russian gas talks remain firmly on ice as conversations reached a deadlock in Brussels on Thursday. Negotiations to guarantee Russian gas imports into Ukraine throughout the winter months have stalled once again. Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko r [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Poland Prepares for Russian Invasion

As Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues to threaten Ukraine, having stolen Crimea in the spring and exerted de facto Kremlin control over much of the Donbas this summer, war worries are mounting on NATO’s eastern frontier. New reports of Russian troop movements on the Ukrainian border this week are not reassuring to those Atlantic Alliance members [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Embargoed until: 07:00 (GMT), 6 October 2009

Manufacturing output in Russia expanded for the fifth month running in October, having previously declined continuously between January and May. Comment Commenting on the Russia Manufacturing PMI® survey, Alexander Morozov, Chief Economist (Russia and CIS) at HSBC, said: “Growth momentum in manufacturing remained slightly positive in October, th [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Russia And Ukraine Sign Landmark Gas Deal

Russia and Ukraine have signed a deal securing gas supplies through the winter. The agreement was signed in Brussels and was brokered by the European Union. It came after months of negotiations, amid tension over Russia's annexation of Crimea and support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine. (Reuters) [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014