Russia's Lavrov to return to Iran talks, chances of deal 'high'

Russia's Lavrov to return to Iran talks, chances of deal 'high'AFP1 hr ago Moscow (AFP) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday he was planning to take part in marathon talks aimed at curtailing Iran's nuclear programme, saying chances of a deal were significant. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, speaking to journalists, confirm [...] Read more ...

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31 Mar 2015

Russia looks beyond China to avoid a shaky Asian pivot

Second, will Russia’s Asian pivot engage not only China but with Asia more broadly? There are areas in Asia where Russia and China have competing interests; particularly Central Asia where China’s growing economic presence has long worried Russia. It was not until the arrival of the Ukraine crisis and subsequent Western sanctions that Russia’ [...] Read more ...

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31 Mar 2015


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31 Mar 2015

Ukraine's children of war

ARTEMIVSK, Ukraine —Slurping a bowl of thick soup, his twig-like legs swinging beneath the dining table, 6-year-old Ilya at first seems like any happy-go-lucky kid.But so far li [...] Read more ...

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31 Mar 2015


Автор музыки: Д. Д. Шостакович Никто в России толком не знает, Где Президент десять дней пропадает. Роды в Швейцарии он принимает, Или дыру в госбюджете лата [...] Read more ...

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31 Mar 2015

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