Why is Putin so popular?

Potential popular discontent with Putin has for the time being been transformed into hostility toward the west. When asked recently about the slump in oil prices, Putin made light of the problem, responding that the decline was “no tragedy” for Russia and would have little impact on government finances. Even if the Kremlin maintains its social [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Running From the Ruble

The cause of Russia’s “Black Monday” was readily apparent: the government bailout of state-owned Rosneft, the country’s largest oil company. Usually, bailouts calm markets; but this one recalled early post-Soviet experiments, when the Central Bank of Russia issued direct loans to enterprises – invariably fueling higher inflation. Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

True Economics: 20/12/2014: Russia's Black Monday: The Debate is On

I also serve as the Chairman of Ireland Russia Business Association, and hold non-executive appointment on the Investment Committee of Heinz Global Asset Management, LLC (US). But, on the net, the point that Rosneft debt is costing Russia dearly is on the money. He is right on all points, including, probably, the suspicion that CBR delayed rate hik [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

December 20, 2014

December 20, 2014. Cuba to attend Summit of Americas, possibly along with US top officials. No one will intimidate, suppress or isolate Russia - Putin. Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Edward Lucas on Contemporary Russia

Journalist and author Edward Lucas explains how a revanchist Russia can be traced back to Putin’s sense of betrayal after the collapse of the USSR Russia is increasingly wilful and revanchist on the world stage. He feels Russia was wronged by the West, and that it is high time that scores were settled. The shambolic conditions of Russia in the 19 [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014