Putin Lashes U.S. on FIFA Probe as Russia Denies Wrongdoing

The U.S. inquiry into alleged corruption at FIFA is “yet another clear attempt to extend its jurisdiction into other countries” Putin said. FIFA said Wednesday that the presidential election, as well as the World Cup tournaments in Russia and Qatar, would take place as planned. The Kremlin denies U.S. and European Union accusations that Russia [...] Read more ...

via Bloomberg
28 May 2015

Навальный на Свободе

Демократическая коалиция открывает в эти дни свои штабы в регионах, где она на базе Партии народной свободы ( РПР-ПАРНАС) будет участвовать в сентябрьских вы [...] Read more ...

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28 May 2015


The accusation weighs heavily: Russian President Vladimir Putin has political responsibility for the murder of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov's daughter spoke to DW about the situation in Russia. Read more ...

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28 May 2015

Russian Political Activist Is Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness

MOSCOW — A prominent Russian political opposition activist, whose civic group this week released a film critical of an ally of President Vladimir V. Putin, has been hospitalized in Moscow after collapsing and losing consciousness on Tuesday from a mysterious illness. Nemtsov’s funeral and was aware of the dangers of political activism in Russia [...] Read more ...

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28 May 2015