The golden urn

WHEN the 13th Dalai Lama died in 1933, the body of Tibet’s spiritual leader was placed in state on a throne at the Norbulingka, his summer palace in the capital, [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Vendors Directory

KPMG helps its clients to drive sustainable improvements and to make procurement and supply chain management a source of value and innovation across the enterprise. We help our clients align their strategies to respond to the high momentum of change and prepare for the future. With the acquisition of BrainNet Supply Management Group AG, KPMG Intern [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

China starts relocating endangered porpoises: Xinhua

In 2013, the WWF said that the number of finless porpoises -- known in China as "river pigs" -- had halved in six years, and warned that the species was "moving fast towards its extinction". "The Yangtze is full of dangers for the porpoises, and human activity is set to increase," said Cao Wenxian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua reported [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

This Is How NSA Spying Screws US Businesses

According to a filing published by the World Trade Organization Thursday, the United States is outraged by China’s proposed restrictions on US-made information technology in the banking sector - by all accounts a reaction to the disclosure of secret documents by former NSA contractor Edwards Snowden. Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

The buds of March

THE prospects for a summit between the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea had appeared bleak since an annual chin-wag, begun in 2008, was called off in 2013 [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015


If incoming data support such a forecast, the federal funds rate should be normalized, but at a gradual pace. First, why does the Committee judge that an increase in the federal funds rate target is likely to become appropriate later this year? As you know, last week the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) changed its forward guidance pertaining t [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Coal may burn bright, but which Asian market has the lights left on?

What this has done is pull down prices of imported coal prices. They are not free to pass any rise in coal prices through to consumers. Coal prices are soft and freight rates are much lower compared with last year. But what would make coal prices rise again? Coal stocks at 16 major Indian ports were at 16.48 million mt as of March 20, according to [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Northeast Asia’s Shared Destiny

For the first time in nearly three years, the foreign ministers of China, South Korea, and Japan met last week in Seoul to discuss potential collaboration on a range of issues. But trilateral cooperation, while critical, can be effective only if all three countries recognize that their futures, like their pasts, are intertwined. Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Committee to Protect Journalists

Tohti is a member of Uighur PEN, an honorary member of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, and PEN America. The site, which Tohti started in 2006, was published in Chinese and Uighur, and focused on social issues. He was accused of using his position as a lecturer at Minzu University of China to spread separatist ideas through Uighurbiz. According [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

The Place Where China Began Its One-Child Policy Is Dying

As the rest of China began to adopt the one-child policy, officials looked to Rudong as an example, she said. What’s different in China is that the one-child policy accelerated the process, removing hundreds of millions of potential babies from the demographic pool. In 1976 she was invited to represent the pioneering county at a family planning c [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China

Brand representatives, investors, and marketers from all sectors within the global luxury industry will gain valuable in-depth analysis and predictions into the trends shaping the spending habits of the Chinese luxury consumer—both at home and abroad. For this report, we talked to top China-based luxury experts to hear their analysis of what’s [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015