A raw look at China's rampant overfishing of tuna

China hauls in 12.5 times more fish that it admits to catching, according to a report by the EU parliament, and regularly exceeds international limits on fishing certain species. How can China be so casual about flouting its commitments? The drama surrounding a recent Hong Kong draft IPO filing (pdf)—and its hasty withdrawal—offers some clues, as flagged by the Guardian’s Shannon Service. The company in question is China Tuna Industry Group, the biggest player in the Middle Kingdom’s huge tuna fleet. China Tuna, which currently has [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Register for: Shanghai Free Trade Zone: Worth all the Hype?

Find out all about Shanghai's Free Trade Zone: One Year On In this special one hour webinar, two top experts on the subject will share their most objective views on the zone development, the results after one year of operations and its potential future. Qiang Li, Managing Director, O’Melveny & Myers Qiang is the managing partner of [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Afghan leader references Taliban at Beijing

Afghanistan's new president invited the Taliban to join in a peace process backed by the international community on Friday, an unusual direct reference to the insurgents who have stepped up attacks in an attempt to bring down his month-old government. Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Writing China: Liu Cixin, ‘The Three-Body Problem

Chinese science-fiction writer Liu Cixin has won widespread acclaim for his imaginative work “The Three-Body Problem.” The trilogy tells the story of a civilization in another galaxy that is facing extinction and chooses to invade the Earth in order to save itself. Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Samsung unveils Galaxy A models to counter Chinese rivals

Samsung Electronics Co. rolled out its lower-tiered smartphone Galaxy A series Friday, as it strives to keep its market clout in China against rising startups there. The 5-inch Galaxy A5 and 4.5-inch Galaxy A3 are equipped with a 5.0 megapixel digital camera and have a metallic exterior that comes in six different colors, including pink, blue and g [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014