Why Tibet remains the core issue in China-India relations

Brahma Chellaney Despite booming two-way trade, strategic discord and rivalry between China and India is sharpening. At the core of their divide is Tibet, an issue that fuels territorial disputes, border tensions and water feuds. Beijing says Tibet is a core issue for China. In truth, Tibet is the core issue in [...] [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

China’s Monetary-Policy Surprise

In economic policy, as in most other areas, actions speak louder than words. By cutting its policy benchmark interest rates, the People’s Bank of China has underscored the tactical focus of Chinese government’s stabilization policy: it aims to set a floor of around 7% on GDP growth. Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

What Can Hong Kong and Cuba Teach Us about Economic Policy?

Early this year, I shared an amusing but accurate image that showed an important difference between capitalism and socialism. And in 2012, I posted a comparison of Detroit and Hiroshima to illustrate the damage of big government. Well, if you combine those concepts, you get this very pointed look at the evolution of Cuban socialism and Hong Kong ca [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

China Going Global Investment Index 2014

The China Going Global Investment Index 2014 Complete the registration form opposite to download a copy of the China Going Global Investment Index 2014 which ranks 67 countries on their attractiveness to Chinese overseas investment. Download the China Going Global Investment Index 2014 The Economist Intelligence Unit helps business leaders prepare [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

"Current sentiment is that business risk is as high as it has ever been." (Risky Business in China, 2014). RISKS WITH "CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS" Some China risks come with "Chinese characteristics". You can keep up with current China risk business issues on the Risky Business in China LinkedIn Group, or scan the QR code (see below left) for relevant [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

How Liu Yiqian bought a US$45 million art piece – Wei Gu

He confirmed he intends to settle the payment for his latest purchase using American Express again. Mr. It was again auctioned off by Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2002, for HK$30 million. Liu, 51, is a Shanghai businessman who ran a handbag business and drove taxis after finishing junior high school. He was one of the earliest investors in the Shan [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

Department of East Asian Languages

Co-sponsored By the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the UVA Tibet Center, University of Virginia Asia Institute, The UVA East Asia Center, and the Charlottesville Tibetan Community. Placing China’s Booming Relations with Africa in Geopolitical ContextJointly sponsored by the East Asia Center, the Department of Politi [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

China Herald: Analyzing the luxury car market in China

Luxury brand car owners tend to be young, highly educated and boasting a high income, with an average age of 33.5. Eight luxury car brands were included in the research due to their global appeal: The average monthly income of the luxury car owner is 30,000 yuan (S$6,350) with an average annual household income of about 1.05 million yuan. Chinese l [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014