Currency peace

CHINESE officials tired of defending their exchange-rate policy can at least appreciate the irony in the latest charges levelled against them. For years foreigners [...] Read more ...

via Economist
27 Feb 2015

Proposed Chinese security law could mean tough rules for tech companies

China apparently wants to one-up the U.S. and the U.K. when it comes to urging technology companies to install security backdoors and break their encrypted documents and user communications in the name of national security. Reuters reported on Friday that a newly proposed Chinese counterterrorism law calls for technology companies to turn over en [...] Read more ...

via Gigaom
27 Feb 2015

China Just Sided With Russia Over The Ukraine Conflict

Few asked throughout the Ukraine civil war is just whose side is China leaning toward, after all the precarious balance of power between NATO and Russia had resulted in a stalemate in which neither side has an obvious advantage (even as the Ukraine economy died, and its currency hyperinflated, waiting for a clear winner), and the explicit or implic [...] Read more ...

via Zerohedge
27 Feb 2015