China signs Balkan bullet train deal to drive Europe trade

The Serbian prime minister pledged to "employ the utmost efforts and energy to see it completed". Greek railways and a port will take part in this project to build together a rapid land and maritime route between Europe and China," Li said. "This will put in place a corridor between China and Europe," Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang told reporter [...] Read more ...

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18 Dec 2014

Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China

According to a Nielsen survey of Chinese luxury travelers published in October, airport duty-free stores are almost as popular as boutiques: Aware that prices of imported luxury goods are much higher on the mainland than abroad thanks to high tariffs, China’s luxury consumers have embraced many other avenues to purchase premium goods. The Chinese [...] Read more ...

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18 Dec 2014

Jan 15: Asia 2015 Outlook

Gain insight into the trends and themes that will impact key industries and sectors for the year ahead as Bloomberg Intelligence analysts present their 2015 outlooks. Leading BI analysts will draw on the unique wealth of data only Bloomberg can provide to examine the challenges and opportunities facing companies across banking, insurance, oil & gas [...] Read more ...

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18 Dec 2014

The party’s goal

ONE of the most dismal days in the history of Chinese national football was June 15th 2013, President Xi Jinping’s 60th birthday. Having lost to Uzbekistan and [...] Read more ...

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18 Dec 2014