The Futility of Fatwas Against Isis

The ideological response to ISIS must be cast from outside the realm of religious authority altogether. You see, Islam in particular, and holy text religions in general, are open to interpretation and selectivity. By responding to ISIS from within it [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

Markets & Investing Video

John Authers reports from New York on a day when none of the new data upset the markets' apple-cart. The strengthening dollar could also help out in Japan. Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014

As I See It: The academic intifada

At Harvard, the Palestine Security Committee frightened Jewish students by placing mock eviction notices on their dormitory rooms. What we are seeing is an academic intifada. They should be taking legal action against them for betraying their duty of care or allowing incitement of hatred, intimidation and discrimination on their watch. Such campus [...] Read more ...

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31 Oct 2014