Summers examine historical data on growth rates and conclude that with economic growth, as with investment returns, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Some other estimates of China's and India's growth rates are even higher. They demonstrate that regression to the mean is the single most robust and empirically relevant fact abo [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

'Robo-investing' reaches the masses

And machines aren't swayed by fear and greed, the primary emotions that often drive very poor investment decisions. But the strength of the automated investment idea is also its biggest potential weakness. He suggests "automated investment service" instead. Is leaving your investment decisions up to a computer always a good idea? But to fend off co [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

BBC - Podcasts - Test Match Special

The latest international cricket news and views from the peerless Test Match Special team at all of England's international matches. Insight, wit and analysis from Jonathan Agnew and Geoffrey Boycott, plus interviews with the top players at the end of every day's play. Read more ...

3 Mar 2015