Don’t narrow our leadership bid

As the Labour Party licks its wounds after our worst General election defeat for 100 years we could be about to step into an abyss. Labour MPs have the power to stop this happening. Under the new leadership rules Labour MPs’ final vote in the election of a new leader have (quite rightly, and one of Ed Miliband’s key reforms) only the same weigh [...] Read more ...

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22 May 2015

Graham Allen

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, which was originally established for the duration of the 2010 parliament, was scrapped following a meeting of party whips. The Government also has plans to redraw parliamentary constituency boundaries in a way that could be advantageous to the Conservative party. The parliamentary committee that sc [...] Read more ...

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22 May 2015

Red Prince, Labour Party aristocracy, cheeky northerners

Patronage has always been a large part of politics, of course, but for the UK Labour Party at the moment, past and present patronage is everything. Both ex-miners, super-smart, emotionally intelligent, proper political operators yet thoroughly appealing people in the Alan Johnson mould. (Shadow) Cabinet ministers? Only that’s not going happen bec [...] Read more ...

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22 May 2015

Sadiq Khan MP on Twitter