Asian business leaders back Liberal Democrats to return to Government

If there is to be a new coalition government or other multi-party arrangement, we hope it will include the Liberal Democrats. We are therefore faced with the prospect of another five years of coalition government. The country and economy would benefit from having Lib Dems in Government again, a letter published by the Financial Times signed by more [...] Read more ...

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5 May 2015

How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

Most people realize that emails and other digital communications they once considered private can now become part of their permanent record. But even as they increasingly use apps that understand what they say, most people don’t realize that the words they speak are not so private anymore, either. Top-secret documents from the archive of former>> [...] Read more ...

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5 May 2015

What if Cameron were to end up in hock to the SNP?

This protracted campaign ends with the choice before voters still hidden away. It began with a raging debate about whether there should be TV debates. When this incestuous row was resolved messily the focus moved to what would happen after the election. The dominant question for weeks has not been what each party might do in power, but whether a La [...] Read more ...

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5 May 2015