An English Parliament... And Not in London Either

Decisions that need to be made together like our national finances, our transport programme, our welfare provisions, our diplomatic activities, and our national defence can still all be undertaken as at present by the Parliament in Westminster. But there is clearly a need for the English voice to be heard on other affairs of State. The Scottish re [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

China’s corrupt media

age of corruption cover China Weekly

Following the recent investigation into alleged news extortion at, veteran editor and CMP fellow Zhu Xuedong (left) -- the former editor-in-chief of China Weekly -- says China's media industry today has entered an "era of corruption" and serious ethical problems should continue for some time. Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

The invasion of corporate news

A population of 100,000 is no longer a guarantee that a city like Richmond, California can sustain a thriving daily paper. Readers have drifted from the tactile pleasures of print to the digital gratification of their smartphone screens, and [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

Labour’s retirement revolution

If the Labour Party wins the 2015 election it will come to power 32 days into a revolution in pension policy that is set to leave British retirements permanently diminished. So the Opposition must use the next six months to prepare decisive plans to replace George Osborne’s pension reforms with its own alternative, to be... Read more [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

Cable cars are taking Latin America by a storm

Cable cars are a transportation system composed of a series of cars suspended from thick cables supported by large, widely spaced towers. The name can be confusing in an American context, where it generally refers to cable-drawn rail cars such as the trolleys of San Francisco; instead, such systems are often referred to as “chairlifts”, or (thi [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

Engineering Happiness

The civil engineers behind some of the London’s most iconic infrastructure projects have put on their dancing shoes to show the public –young peop [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014