What We Talk About When We Talk About Housing

An auction crowd gathers around the front gate of a house, in a circle around where a man or woman stands, holding a hammer, shouting numbers, and pointing at the few people in the crowd who, nervously, one after the other, raise a hand. It's the spectacle of the market at its most primitive, bared down to the essentials. Like the theatre of the pr [...] Read more ...

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17 Apr 2014

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17 Apr 2014

Spotify gives up on P2P technology for music streaming

Music subscription service Spotify is getting ready to switch its data delivery technology from P2P to a server-client model, according to a TorrentFreak report. Spotify has long been using P2P for its desktop client, but not for mobile and web listening, and it makes sense that the company is looking to streamline its data delivery… [...] Read more ...

via Gigaom
17 Apr 2014