The Time the United States Blew Up a Passenger Plane

Fury and frustration still mount over the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17, and justly so. But before accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes or dismissing the entire episode as a tragic fluke, it’s worth looking back at another doomed passenger plane—Iran Air Flight 655—shot down on July [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014

Campaign Finance Reform and the GOP: An “About-Face”?

Tom Edsall’s is the latest of a series of pieces purporting to explain the paralyzing conflicts over campaign finance regulation, and his culprit is the Republican Party. Republicans, he argues, have shifted positions as they have become more dependent on large donations to meet the rising costs of campaigns. And there are more of those … [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014


This is the official Web Site of the United Nations Office at Geneva. Here you will find daily UN News, UN Documents and Publications, UN Overview information, UN Conference information, Photos, and other UN information resources, such as information on Conference on Disarmament, the League of Nations, UN Cultural Activities, the NGO Liaison Office [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014