Meet Team Miliband

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

If the opinion polls and bookmakers are to be believed, some time during the morning of Friday 8 May next year a small group of men and women will appear… [...] Read more ...

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24 Apr 2014

Boris Johnson is a cat in a box – Telegraph Blogs

The physicist Erwin Schroedinger once devised a thought experiment involving a cat and a radioactive isotope in a box. Had the radiation killed the cat? It's unknowable from the outside, so the cat is, in a sense, both dead and alive. Odd coves, physicists. The cat comes to mind when considering Boris Johnson and his [...] [...] Read more ...

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24 Apr 2014

'No plan B for Scots yes vote'

Although opinion polls shows momentum behind the independence campaign, the UK government is doing no contingency planning for the likelihood of Scotland going alone, sources tell me. Read more ...

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24 Apr 2014


EXCLUSIVE: WE launched campaign because tombs of 209 VC holders from the Great War faced ruin through neglect [...] Read more ...

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24 Apr 2014