a new phenomenon, says Home Minister Chidambaram

From well planned terror attacks, to inciting communal violence, the new phenomenon of ' saffron terror' led by radical Hindu groups, was raised by the home minister at the meeting of state police chiefs in New Delhi on Wednesday. In the past three years, organisations such as Abhinav Bharat, Rashtriya Jagran Manch and Sanatan Sanstha have been imp [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

i-Images Picture Agency

Image ŠLicensed to i-Images Picture Agency. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images The London Mayor Boris Johnson has a meeting with The Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Loong at the Presidential Palace on day 2 of his Far East Tour. 28/11/2014. Singapore. Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

World & Global Economy Video

Balancing the needs of ordinary Singaporeans and big business is the crucial question for the city state as it approaches its 50th anniversary. The FT's Tom Griggs looks at how Singapore plans to position itself for the next 50 years. Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

Centre for Policy Studies

Britain must boost its skills if wages are to increase – says Adam Memon, Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies. Increasing the skill level of the workforce is vital for improving long term productivity growth.” The author advocates a variety of policy reforms including: Extending the use of performance related pay across t [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

Band of brothers

Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha. Simon and Schuster; 445 pages; $30. Buy from “PUTIN, thief! Putin, thief!” chanted the [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

The Nation Thailand on Twitter

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29 Nov 2014

Harnessing envy and resentment could be the key to GE15

But there is a downside to the politics of resentment and envy, particularly for parties of government which also seek to attract moderate, centrist floating voters – people not necessarily motivated by those factors. Blame is of almost limitless supply in politics but that’s not to say it doesn’t retain significant value if fashioned with sk [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

My week: Paddington Bear*

Monday “Paddington, darling,” says my agent. “I haven’t seen it. Have you seen it?” Of course I haven’t seen it. They wouldn’t have me at the premiere. Not since I had that fight with Nicole Kidman. I [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014

Tax heaven

IN A panicked bid to persuade Scots to reject independence in September’s referendum, Britain’s three main party leaders promised to transfer extensive new [...] Read more ...

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29 Nov 2014