Man to Run Half Marathon After Losing Nearly 400 Pounds

A Michigan man will run his first half marathon this weekend after giving up alcohol and losing 390 pounds over the course of the last two years, reports the Detroit Free Press. Brian Flemming will participate in Sunday’s Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half-Marathon to raise funds in honor of the woman who he says helped save his life. Read more ...

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18 Oct 2014

jerome taylor

I'm a reporter/editor at Agence France-Presse's Asia Pacific team in Hong Kong. Formerly a reporter and religious affairs correspondent at The Independent newspaper in London. I use Sony [...] Read more ...

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18 Oct 2014

My weeky-beak: Russell Brand*

Monday Shoes are weird, innit? Yes, the tectonic plates are colliding and humanity is tumbling into the magma at the Earth’s core, but I’ve got me heel in one place and me toe in the other, and tippett [...] Read more ...

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18 Oct 2014


PHILIP Hammond ripped into EU for morphing into a 'putative superstate' that was curbing the power of national parliaments [...] Read more ...

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18 Oct 2014