UK Migration Policy since the 2010 General Election

If EU net migration had not increased above the June 2010 level, total net migration would still have exceeded 200,000. Net migration was almost 200,000 above the 100,000 target when the last official statistics were released before the election. If EU net migration had remained at 2010 levels, the level would still have been more than double the t [...] Read more ...

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4 May 2015

Archbishop Cranmer

We are not in Lahore in the Punjab, but Hodge Hill, Birmingham. It is not a private gathering in a mosque or other sanctified space of holiness, but a hired function hall for a public meeting, where the previous guests ate bacon sandwiches and unclean dogs begged beneath the tables. It is not a religiously mandated Friday Jumu’ah, where Muslims w [...] Read more ...

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4 May 2015

What Liam Byrne’s Note Actually Said

By Tim Hardy I am no fan of Liam Byrne or his party but a debate based on lies and false premises is no debate at all. His words in that notorious note were clear: “I’m afraid there is no money.” Yet the words briefed to the press from the office of David Laws were “I’m afraid there is no money left.” The dishonest addition of the wor [...] Read more ...

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4 May 2015

David Cameron 'told Clegg he won't win a majority' - Lib Dem ally

He said that towards the end of Parliament, before Parliament closed.” But Lord Scriven has stood by his remarks this morning, telling the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show: “I don't take back anything I said in the tweet. “Nick Clegg has a record of saying one thing during an election campaign and another thing afterwards,” Mr Gove said. [...] Read more ...

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4 May 2015

David Hughes on Twitter