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3 Mar 2015

Over a cup of tea

Whether it’s the start of the day or work time, a cup of tea can refresh one. Over a cup of tea one’s thoughts wander to many an interesting subject. Putting down my cup of green tea with a flower of bada’aan khatai, unground black pepper and a squeeze of lemon, I mused over the changing times. I would like to share an interesting extract fro [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015


The only document that will accurately reflect the negotiations willbe the final document,” Mr Robb said. At no stage during their time in office for example did Laborpublicly release negotiating text. “To do so would both undermineconfidence in Australia as a negotiating partner and also the negotiations,themselves. Mr Robb highlighted the hyp [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

ISIL is growing and this is why

I still remember when, seemingly overnight, a flurry of posters went up across my university campus in west London, proclaiming the coming of the “khilafah,” or caliphate—an Islamic state encompassing all Muslims and ruled by a successor to the prophet Mohammed. That was two decades ago. Hizb ut-Tahrir, the radical group behind the posters, c [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

Police Deny Arrest of 36 Montagnards

Sineath said last week that Lumphat district police arrested four other Montagnards and passed them to Vietnamese authorities on February 24. Koeun said. “The information about the arrests is not true.” Asked if police were searching for any Montagnards in the province, Mr. On Monday, however, Ratanakkiri police chief Nguon Koeun denied that th [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015