Vermont bails on single-payer health care

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin on Wednesday dropped his plan to enact a single-payer health care system in his state — a plan that had won praise from liberals but never really got much past the framework stage. “This is not the right time” for enacting single-payer, Shumlin said in a statement, citing the big tax hikes it would require [...] Read more ...

via Politico
19 Dec 2014

Testing Times for Alzheimer’s

By 2050, there will be 135 million Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide, a threefold increase from today, with three-quarters of cases occurring in low- and middle-income countries. But predicting the onset of Alzheimer’s, let alone preventing or curing it, remains an immense challenge. Read more ...

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19 Dec 2014

Check Eligibility

We're lawyers and nannies. We're graphic designers and temps. We're 1 in every 3 workers. We're building smarter solutions to broken systems. Together, we're the future of the economy. Read more ...

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19 Dec 2014