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27 Nov 2014

Blackpool Stories

Here are just six of those stories from the Blackpool Gazette, all of which resulted in inquests held during the past six months. On the blog, Brett wrote about his mental health: “How can I explain any of what I’ve described so far? The assistant coroner for Blackpool and Fylde, Claire Doherty, confirmed that John had drowned and recorded a ve [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Are silver surfers more health savvy?

Health literacy is a term used to describe an individual's ability to find, understand and make use of health information. By improving people's access to health information and their capacity to use it effectively, health literacy is critical to empowerment." This type of research cannot prove that any of these factors improve or maintain health l [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Man who fell from ceiling naked faces arraignment

BOSTON (AP) — A Boston man who police say fell naked through the ceiling of a women's bathroom at Logan Airport and then assaulted an elderly man is scheduled for arraignment. Prosecutors say 26-year-old Cameron Shenk is expected to be arraigned in his room at Massachusetts General Hospital on Wednesday. Shenk faces charges including attempted mu [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Nick Clegg announces mental health taskforce

October this year, Nick Clegg announced a £120 million investment in mental health, which will include the introduction in April 2015 of the first ever waiting time standards for mental health in the NHS. The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning on mental health issues for many years, with a focus on bringing treatment for mental health problem [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Watch again: The big live global business success clinic

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week the team at hosted a live hour long discussion during exploring what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Andrew Devenport, CEO of Youth Business International, host of Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK and Esther Thompson, founder of herbal tea startup Tea Huggers. Will King, found [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014