China’s corrupt media

age of corruption cover China Weekly

Following the recent investigation into alleged news extortion at, veteran editor and CMP fellow Zhu Xuedong (left) -- the former editor-in-chief of China Weekly -- says China's media industry today has entered an "era of corruption" and serious ethical problems should continue for some time. Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

Can you name a branch of government?

More than one-third of Americans cannot name a single branch of the United States government, according to a recent poll. The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania released a poll on Wednesday that shows 35 percent of those polled could not name one branch of the U.S. government. This amount is almost equivalent to the 36 [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014

China to invest $20 billion in India

NEW DELHI - China is not a warlike nation, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday, during a rare trip to neighbour India that was dominated by a standoff on a barren Himalayan plateau between soldiers from the world’s two most populous nations.Robust comments from India’s new Prime [...] Read more ...

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19 Sep 2014