Green's Bennett Backs Geo-Political Ghettoisation of Israel

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has told the Jewish Chronicle that she backs the total boycott of Israeli artists, musicians and academics. The Green Party manifesto also calls for the suspension of the EU-Israel trade agreement. Twickenham candidate Tanya Williams recently told an anti-Israel rally: “Just because you observe the niceties [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

Yemen, Pakistan And Arab Monarchies: Widening Gulf?

By Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury* Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia might have miscalculated when it went into Yemen, not with boots on the ground but with bombs from the air, to try and deter the advance of the Shiite Houthi rebels. Riyadh and its Gulf allies, somewhat grandiosely called their intervention ‘Operation Decisive Storm’, obviously borrowing [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

Introducing #StarWarsEmojis

Attention Star Wars fans everywhere: Starting today, Twitter users will have even more ways to express their passion about their favorite pop culture phenomenon with new Twitter-exclusive #StarWars [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015