Adviser to Energy Secretary took cash from fracking lobby

The new adviser to Amber Rudd, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, has accepted a donation from a company that expects to benefit from fracking in Lancashire, according to an Energydesk investigation. Paul Maynard MP, whose Blackpool North and Cleveleys constituency is near to Cuadrilla’s proposed drill site at Preston New Road, declared a [...] Read more ...

via Greenpeace
29 Jun 2015

Crude oil under pressure as Iran deadline looms

Crude oil has fallen to a three-week low as the risk of Greek contagion and the Iran nuclear negotiations have caused some nervous trading conditions. Diplomats in Vienna are close to a deal which would curb Iran's nuclear programme. The sanctions which have sharply reduced Iran's ability to export crude could be lifted if the negotiations are succ [...] Read more ...

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29 Jun 2015

BBC apologises to Grant Shapps over Wikipedia coverage

The BBC has apologised to Grant Shapps over its coverage of a story that he falsely edited other Conservative figures' Wikipedia pages. Mr Shapps criticised the BBC’s minimal coverage of the inquiry’s findings, in comparison to their extensive coverage of the original story. The International Development minister made a formal complaint to Jame [...] Read more ...

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29 Jun 2015

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