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Jakob Frackfree: “I’ve heard that fracking for shale gas is really bad for the local environment and also the climate, with the majority of Europe’s citizens against it, yet regulation on fracking on the EU is really weak. This doesn’t make sense.” Problem Oil and gas companies and other proponents are currently heavily lobbying all over [...] Read more ...

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21 Apr 2014

Australia proposes banning environmental boycotts

Clearcut logging in Styx Valley, Tasmania. A number of high profile boycotts have revolved around stores selling products made from old-growth forests in Tasmania. Photo by: TTaylor

What do you do when a company is repeatedly caught trashing the environment and refuses to change its ways? Boycott! Activists and campaigners often use boycotting a company's products when other methods have failed, yet in Australia such boycotts could soon become illegal. Read more ...

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21 Apr 2014

Energizing Europe

The most comprehensive geo-political news service available on the Internet, covering over 263 countries and regions, all U.S. States and Industries. Read more ...

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21 Apr 2014