Wired for imprudence

This psychological perspective suggests that, despite our best intentions, we are wired for imprudence. This paper explores these ‘behavioural hurdles’, as we call them, and explains why they matter. These dispositions are not character flaws, and do not affect only a select few: in general, we are not wired to handle money well. This report id [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015

Science caught up in GCSE standards row

Uncertainty over standards in new GCSEs in England has spread to another major area of the curriculum. Ofqual has revealed that it will now have to run extra checks on the level of difficulty in reformed science qualifications. The news follows the exam regulator’s discovery that standards in sample assessments for reformed maths GCSEs, which it [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015


Staff feedback 'This is one of the most engaging, inspiring and welcoming conferences I have ever been to. Britain's leading conference on preventing and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, bringing together hundreds of education professionals and young people through a series of panel discussions and interactive workshops. I wa [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015

Liz Kendall is right about free schools

Off to work like… First, a confession: as of Monday, I will have ceased being employed by a free school so that I can take up a role with an academy chain. To many in Labour, I will have thus ceased working overseeing a slave pit in the Mines of Moria to take up a broader role destroying whole planets with the Galactic Empire; I am a Red Tory, my [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015

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