Five things you should do if you’re serious about improving your pitching skills… ‹ Janet Murray media training

Often it’s because the person pitching the story hasn’t taken the time to make a few crucial phone calls. Do this regularly and I guarantee you’ll save time and improve your pitching success rate. 4. Here are the three most common reasons great stories don’t get coverage: That’s why it’s worth investing time in ‘getting to know’ you [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014


Citizen-oriented sites with the highest reach include the BBC and other PSB sites, news sites, the NHS and Web MD, blogging sites and the site. 2014 Report 15 University of Oxford and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (2014) Digital News Report 2014 16 Ofcom (2014) News Consumption in the UK: 2014 Report http://stakeholders.ofcom [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Next battle in the war on science

The war over science is heating up on Capitol Hill. GOP House members have had little success reining in research agencies so far, but, emboldened by their growing majorities, they’re hoping for better luck next year. They plan to push proposals to cut funding for global warming and social science research, put strict new rules on the National [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

STEAM engines

Traceable to Michael Gove’s disastrous introduction of an Ebacc at GCSE level with no space for arts subjects, it has continued through the current ‘discounting’ system of performance measures. This is why Labour supports calls for a broader education embracing a mixture of arts and science – literally transforming the concept of STEM into [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

MPs To Debate Progress Of Historic Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Although Parliament’s website doesn’t give an exact time as to when this debate will take place today, it is likely to start at around 3pm, after the debate on inequality, and as the title suggests will look to see what progress the independent panel inquiry has made so far. At the moment, the Inquiry does not have a Chair, and its scope and me [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

The New Statesman Podcast: Episode Sixty-Nine

On this week's New Statesman podcast: Harry Lambert, George Eaton and Anoosh Chakelian discuss Ed Miliband on the attack ahead of next year's general election, Ian Steadman asks how much use personal data might be in the fight against terrorism, and Jonn Elledge and Caroline Crampton wonder whether private schools deserve charity status. Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014