Murphy's mission

The proverbial visitor from Mars would assume that the Scottish Nationalists had won—not lost—September’s referendum. Alex Salmond has given another crowing interview today, you can read mine with him from… Continue reading [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

When Science and Anti-Science Collide

Promoting science can be tricky. In general it’s fun and rewarding. I have a passion for science, and I wear it happily for all to see. But there are minefields afoot. Of course there are people who deny science, and they will let the vitriol flow if you happen to [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Secondary Schools’ Primary Importance

A half-century of remarkable progress in providing primary education to children could be lost if we fail to provide opportunities for further schooling. Investing in secondary education in the developing world would have far-reaching benefits – and need not cost a fortune. Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Elsevier Research Data Services

Foster and assist with the credit and impact assessment ofresearch data for the researcher, the institution,and thefunding bodies, making research data first-class researchoutputs. Research Data Services is a new group,exploring how Elsevier can help researchers share and annotatedata. We are focused on getting data into discipline-specificreposito [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Big skills rise is essential if productivity is to be boosted

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills reported that urgent action must be taken to improve skill levels and how they are developed in order to boost productivity. The Commission, which is supported by both the CBI and the TUC, called on employers to lead the way, working with unions and the Government, to ensure Britain has the skilled workfo [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Donald Clark Plan B: Why are the Maths Taliban in our schools?

Maths, maths and more maths More maths is likely to cause more problems. I like maths, I’ve taught maths, I helpedcommission major maths teaching projects. The vast majority of peoplein the workplace and in life do NOT need even GCSE maths. Even worse is the idea that you need GCSE maths in every apprenticeship and vocational qualification. We ha [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

What Was the Job?

This was the year the job broke, the year we accepted a re-interpretation of its bargain and bought in to the push to get us to all work for ourselves. Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

The Match for Africa 2

As the official telecommunications partner of the Match for Africa 2, Sunrise will bear all other associated costs. Her belief became the vision for the Roger Federer Foundation. And all of this will benefit the Roger Federer Foundation. Alternatively, to make a donation directly for the Roger Federer Foundation, kindly use the following account fo [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

North Korea and the attack on Sony Pictures Entert...

In late November 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) became aware ofa significant breach of its networks. The world was first introduced tothe breach via a Reddit post, where a user claiming to be a former SPEemployee posted a screenshot of a defacement message on one of SPE’scomputers. A threat actor group calling themselves Guardians of Pea [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Uber for experiments

MOST research equipment is under-used. Once it has been budgeted for, grant proposals written or fee schedules set to cover its purchase, kit costing millions of [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Justice seems to be not only a moral virtue, but in some pre-eminent way the moral virtue. There is no question that they display virtue, but it is not human virtue and not even of the same form. And he explicitly compares the well made work of art to an act that springs from moral virtue. For Aristotle, moral virtue is the only practical road to e [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014

How Hugs Can Help You Fight The Flu

We know that hugs make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. And this feeling, it turns out, could actually ward off stress and protect the immune system, according to new research from Carnegie Mellon University. It's a well-known fact that stress can [...] Read more ...

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20 Dec 2014