A degree of value?

Jim Dickinson reviews a new report published by Which? - the consumer rights organisation which offers a fresh insight in to students' views of their experience of higher education and their relati [...] Read more ...

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23 Nov 2014

UKIP's shocking links to ban on teaching of evolution in schools

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!) Several UKIP MEPs have close links to extremist right-wing groups in the US, including one particularly disquieting lobbying group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is already known for its strong campaigning in favour of oil producers and against climate change: American Legislative Exc [...] Read more ...

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23 Nov 2014

London Festival of Education 2013

First name * : Surname* : Email * : What is your role?* School Governor Head of School Bursar Department Head Senior Management Team Teaching staff Principal Dean Vice Chancellor Professor Lecturer Specialist and Expert in the field of Education Think Tank Expert Exam Board Education Inspector Education Fundraising Consultant Student Student Teache [...] Read more ...

Life inside an Islamic boarding school

Laylah Hussain was 11 when she became a pupil at Jamia Al-Hudaa, a faith school in Nottingham. This is her account of the five years she spent there – a period, she says, that stunted her education and stifled her freedom [...] Read more ...

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23 Nov 2014

Orphan Pygmy Marmoset Loves Being Brushed By A Toothbrush

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world, and man, are they adorable. Ninita is a pygmy marmoset who was born deaf and abandoned by her parents at 3 weeks of age in 2012. She was injured and sick when she was found and adopted by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation. With a little rehabilitation and tender loving care, Ninita heale [...] Read more ...

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23 Nov 2014

Private schools now preserve of oligarchs, admits head

Andrew Halls, the head of King’s College School in Wimbledon, southwest London, where fees for a day pupil cost £20,000 a year, said some private schools had become so reliant on pupils from overseas that they were at risk of a banking-style crash. King’s College School plans to open 10 schools in China over the next 20 years to prepare childr [...] Read more ...

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23 Nov 2014