Early school leaving still blights English education

Andy Green Early school leaving has always been a blight on the English education system. Throughout the nineteenth century children  tended to leave school earlier than elsewhere in northern Europe. This continued well after the 1944 Education Act introduced free ‘secondary education for all’. By the early 1980s, barely more than 30% of 16-18 [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015

Shout louder

Not any more, son THE last time she was recruiting for her export-sales team, Sarah Grain hired a Lithuanian who speaks Russian, Polish and German. Her two previous [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015

An exceptional school

Gladstone School Trust, the parent-led community group behind the school, are profoundly disappointed that the DfE have confirmed this position, and that their hopes to secure a school site for their opening in September 2015 have been dashed. The school was previously forced to defer in June of 2014, disappointing nearly 100 pupil who had been off [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015

Cameron feels heat over energy bills

David Cameron’s energy policy has come under fire after Labour research found three-quarters of households were paying more for their energy than the cheapest tariff. The Government said it was backing an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority into the energy sector, whose early findings show 95% of customers could have saved by s [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015

Chief Scientific Adviser and Director Research & Evidence

The Department for International Development will appoint their next Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) and Director of Research & Evidence Division, to take up the post in October. Pay will either be on the Director scale, or secondees will keep their current T&C. CSA’s are usually senior academics seconded to Government part-time, although other pr [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015

Fundraiser profile page

[b]Jonathan & Tracey are certainly not Zola Budd or Mo Farrah, but.... are determined to raise as much money as possible for charity on their running, weight loss and keep fit quest! [/b] [...] Read more ...

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4 Mar 2015