Charter School Corruption In The US – OpEd

Every injustice in American life can be laid at the feet of the richest people in the country and the politicians who do their bidding. Nowhere is that terrible dynamic more obvious than in the destruction of public education by the charter school system. The fix is officially in for charter schools [...] Read more ...

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16 Apr 2014

South Korean Ship Carrying Students Sinks

Rescuers raced to save hundreds of passengers, most of them high school students, from a stricken ferry off the South Korean coast early Wednesday. Passengers cling to the side of a singing boat carrying students in South Korea. (Credit: CNN) Of [...] Read more ...

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16 Apr 2014

Brain scans might predict recovery potential for vegetative patients

Researchers have found that scans that look for signs of metabolic activity in specific areas of the brain could help doctors predict whether a person in a vegetative state will regain consciousness.The findings were published Tuesday in the journal The Lancet. Researchers in Belgium tracked about 120 subjects — diagnosed as either minimally cons [...] Read more ...

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16 Apr 2014

Patient engagement in research: a systematic review

A compelling ethical rationale supports patient engagement in healthcare research. It is also assumed that patient engagement will lead to research findings that are more pertinent to patients’ concerns and dilemmas. However; it is unclear how to best conduct this process. In this systematic review we aimed to answer 4 key questions: what are the [...] Read more ...

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16 Apr 2014