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Share your comments or questions about this podcast, or suggestions for future podcasts, in the online FIR Podcast Community on Google+. Professor Cynthia Bulik on How to Deliver Your Message to the Media This link will take you to a terrific CBS media interview conducted by University of North Carolina Professor Cynthia Bulik, an expert on eating [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

The Issue of Inequality, Education and Voting

Obama promised to create legislation that would strengthen community colleges, which currently have 6 million students, offering diplomas in mid-level professions. He spoke of the economy’s slow but steady growth rate and rate of employment in lower-level jobs. [H]ere in Mexico, we are concerned about the growing economic inequality from which we [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Career Opportunities

Welcome to the Council on Foreign Relations Career Opportunities homepage, where you can learn more about employment with our organization. It is a comprehensive source of general information about CFR, including about its programs, scholars, and employment opportunities. The Council on Foreign Relations also offers volunteer internships for colleg [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015


Also, never read Jumper so WOOHOO, two new in the queue! Steven Gould's latest novel 7th Sigma is his best since Jumper, and while it shares Jumper's excellent pace and likable characters, it is otherwise as totally unlike Jumper as it could be, except in the field of overall awesomeness, which it has in spades. In 7th Sigma, the American southwest [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Notch Signaling: How Cancer Turns Good Cells To The Dark Side

"Cancer takes advantage of jagged proteins' influence to form what are essentially migrating units of hybrid cancer stem cells," Ben-Jacob said. The Rice researchers found cancer cells hijack nearby stromal cells and prompt them to boost their production of the ligand, reinforcing the cancer's chances of survival. By acting together, these hybrid c [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Testing on both mice and humans in a Phase 1 clinical trial, scientists discovered that fasting decreased the number and size of white blood cells. After eating 72 hours later, white blood cell counts recovered stronger than ever. Cancer cells cannot develop in oxygen rich environments!Wheatgrass health benefits are an abundant source of liquid oxy [...] Read more ...