Italy education demo

Students protest against Italian government’s “Good School” reform bill with their hand coloured with paint in front of the Democratic Party [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

Ontario elementary teachers plan work-to-rule strike

TORONTO – A looming provincewide teachers’ strike and vocal opposition to a new sex-ed curriculum have thrown Ontario’s education system into turmoil. Elementary school teachers are taking strike action starting Monday, likely in the form of a work-to-rule campaign — a move the province’s education minister says is motivated by the union [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

Actor Observer: Knowing Your Sources

The difference is pretty stark, but market research isparticularly susceptible to pulling quant statistics out of the ass of qualdata. And it can quickly lead to a whole lot of wasted dollars andnot a lot of revenue. Going to a Mall Looking to Buy Something Influences 97% ofConsumers’ Decisions to Buy Something While Looking in a Mall. The proble [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

$100 million for startup to 'reimagine education'

Tech industry leaders including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg have raised $100 million for an education initiative aimed at "reimagining" schools from the elementary school level. We believe the time has come to reimagine education," said Brian Singerman of Founders Fund. In 2010, he announced he would give $100 million to improve schools in the city [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

Traumatic brain injury linked to increased road rage

Ontario adult drivers who say they have experienced at least one traumatic brain injury in their lifetime also report significantly higher incidents of serious road-related driving aggression, said a new study. Serious driver aggression includes: making threats to hurt a fellow driver, passenger or vehicle. These individuals also reported significa [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

The Bad News (Poverty) and Good News (Education) About Millennial Parents

Millennial mothers and fathers are better educated than parents 10 and 20 years ago. Getty Images Much has been written about millennials–the nickname for the generation of young people born in the 1980s and 1990s–and the rough time they’ve had in the economy. But now that the generation is getting older, and the oldest millennials are in [.. Read more ...

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6 May 2015