The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

British chartered psychologist Dave Traxson describes the “psychoeconomic colonization” of children by the pharmaceutical and medical industries and what stressed … [...] Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014

China Going Global Investment Index 2014

The China Going Global Investment Index 2014 Complete the registration form opposite to download a copy of the China Going Global Investment Index 2014 which ranks 67 countries on their attractiveness to Chinese overseas investment. Download the China Going Global Investment Index 2014 The Economist Intelligence Unit helps business leaders prepare [...] Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014


There are currently no internship vacancies at IPPR. The annual three-month London-based Amelia Zollner internship is reserved for current UCL students or recent UCL graduates as a stepping stone to working in policy or politics. IPPR's reputation as the leading progressive thinktank in the UK is built on the expertise and experience of its people. Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014

A blacker fiscal hole?

Ten days before the Autumn Statement, the government still looks set to overshoot its borrowing target for the year, even though October's deficit is slightly lower than year earlier. Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014

Public Sector Finance

These articles examine the longer-term trends for a number of key economic statistics, providing context in which to view more recent movements in these series. Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014

Klass war? Labour has more work to do in selling its mansion tax

Myleene Klass’s anti-mansion tax outburst on The Agenda is evidence that Labour still has a long way to go in persuading the middle classes of its credibility on tax reform. For some, Klass’s criticism of the mansion tax made her an ‘anti-tax Boudicca’, going ‘full Paxman’ on a visibly uncomfortable Miliband. For most, however, it was.. Read more ...

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21 Nov 2014