Tories have no right to overrule Parliament using an underhand device in an attempt to kill off Bill to scrap the bedroom tax

Gentleman is understandably promoting his Bill and would like to have seen a money resolution for it. Tories have no right to overrule Parliament using an underhand device in an attempt to kill off Bill to scrap the bedroom tax by Steve Beasant on November 1, 2014 Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives Andrew George, says that Conservative Ministers have no right to overrule Parliament using an underhand device in an attempt to kill off his Bill to scrap the bedroom tax. On such issues, the Government must, of course, ask whether they can responsibly [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

A weary lender

HAMLET, Shakespeare’s Danish prince, may blame “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” for his plight, but those watching often conclude that [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

The Limits of Transformation from Above: Turkey since 1914

The LSE European Institute has been a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2009. The London School of Economics and Political Science is a School of the University of London. The LSE European Institute| (@LSEEI|) was established in 1991 as a dedicated centre for the interdisciplinary study of processes of integration and fragmentation within Euro [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Link feast

Is Social Psychology Biased Against Conservatives?Maria Konnikova outlines multiple strands of evidence suggesting that social psychology is biased against conservatives and conservative ideas. Magic May Lurk Inside Us All"Several streams of research in psychology, neuroscience and philosophy are converging on an uncomfortable truth: The NHS Choice [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Is US tax inversion ripe for an overhaul?

A growing number of American companies are seeking to move their legal headquarters abroad by acquiring or merging with foreign companies. In the latest case, Medtronics plans to acquire Irish-based Covidien, a much smaller company spun off by US-based Tyco, and move its legal headquarters to low-tax Ireland, culminating in the largest ever “inve [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Standard & Poor's Global Credit Portal

European Corporate Credit Quality Is Resilient Despite A Resurgence Of Market Volatility 30-Oct-2014 LONDON (Standard & Poor's) Oct. 30, 2014--When it comes to European corporate credit, macroeconomic concerns such as deflationary pressures are overstated, according to a report published today by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services. Standard & Poor' [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Afghanistan: the transition

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a School of the University of London. The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK; It is a charity and is incorporated in England as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Acts (Reg no. 70527).The registered office address of the Schoo [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

10.14 DSCC-IE 1200260 REV (14134025224851)_.pdf

The provisions of this Paragraph 7 shall survive the expiration or termination of these Terms and Conditions and any purchase contract or media order. 8. Payment by advertiser to agency or to service or payment by agency to service, shall not constitute payment to station. If Purchaser requests within 30 days of last Distribution hereunder, Station [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

The Enlightened Economist

One very interesting chapter is an early one in which he describes his first job at a cut-throat and unscrupulous New York investment bank, D.H.Blair. However, in his case at least, a modest and wise man seems to have been forged by it. The personal story carries the underlying message about the psychology and morality of investing in a very appeal [...] Read more ...

POL prices take a popular plunge

ISLAMABAD - The government has announced a major cut in the prices of petroleum products as it has been facing severe criticism by friends and foes alike for not addressing the issues of the common man.The decision to cut prices was announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while chairing a special [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

List of Banks owned by the Rothschild Family

“Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild ROTHSCHILD OWNED BANKS: Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan Albania: Bank of Albania Algeria: Bank of Algeria Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia Aruba: Central Bank of Aruba Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Seth's Blog: Organizing for growth

Maybe it’s (finally) working. Maybe demand is up, opportunities keep presenting themselves and people want to work with you. So why are you so stressed out? It might be because different organizational choices lead to different paths for growth. Consider [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Taxation in Switzerland

Taxes in Switzerland are levied by the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities. Switzerland is sometimes considered a tax haven due to its general low rate of taxation, its political stability as well as the various tax exemptions or reductions available to Swiss companies doing business abroad, or foreign persons residing in Switze [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal

Yet despite their importance for the macroeconomy, surprisingly little is known about long-run house price trends. Land prices and house prices Note: Hockey stick pattern of house prices since 1870 The (unweighted) mean and median of the 14 house price indices are shown in Figure 1. While Australia has seen the strongest, Germany has seen the weake [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Good Riddance to QE –

Under that regime there is no fraudulent bid for public debt and other existing assets based on something for nothing. Stated differently, the goods and services purchased via monetizing $3.5 trillion of government debt embodied a prior act of production and supply. In effect, they ride the Amtrak to Washington where they also deceive politicians a [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014

Book cheap flights online

Compare and book all KLM flights, view great last minute offers, choose your favourite seat, check in online, book hotels, rental cars and all you need for your trip [...] Read more ...

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1 Nov 2014