Role Of Economy In Iran-Turkey Relations – Analysis

By Fahimeh Ghorbani* Political relations between Iran and Turkey have continued steadily since the 1979 Islamic Revolution despite the existence of structural differences between them. A close look at the ties between the two neighbors shows that economy as one of factors has played an important and [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

South-East Europe On Edge Of Civilization: Depending Who You Ask

That is the amount of money that Bosnia Herzegovina loses every month if it does not implement the e-government project very soon. He is Freelance Editor in Chief of the electronic and print magazine DIOGEN pro cultureand Editor in Chief of E–magazine MaxMinus from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately, freaks in and around the US Embas [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Naming the Ones We Lost – South Sudan Conflict

Naming the Ones We Lost – South Sudan Conflict: World Peace Foundation would like to express its support for the project, Naming the Ones We Lost–South Sudan Conflict. The list you read, Naming the Ones We Lost – South Sudan Conflict, is the work of a small group of civil society volunteers who have been collecting data to gather together the [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Franciscan Order in 'grave' financial trouble after massive fraud

"The General Curia finds itself in grave, and I underscore 'grave' financial difficulty, with a significant burden of debt," he said. The Franciscan Order founded by Saint Francis of Assisi, who advocated a life of poverty, is in deep financial trouble following the discovery of massive fraud and is appealing for help. In a rare open letter, the Am [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

What could happen in China in 2015?

What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine Chinese innovation? McKinsey director Gordon Orr’s annual predictions. A McKinsey & Company article. Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

2014: The Year of Outrage

Following the news in 2014 is a bit like flying a kite in flat country during tornado season. Every so often, a whirlwind of outrage touches down, sowing destruction and chaos before disappearing into the sky. These conditions are hardly new. Over the past decade or so, outrage has [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

After Snowden

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a School of the University of London. The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK; For any queries see LSE Events FAQ| or contact us at| or 0207 955 6043. From time to time there are changes to event details so we strongly recomme [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014