China coal production falls in first 4 months of year

BEIJING (AP) — Coal production in China, the world's biggest coal-consuming nation, fell by 6 percent in the first four months of this year as the economy slows and the government makes a concerted push to reduce carbon emissions. The National Development and Reform Commission said Tuesday that Chinese imports of coal also fell, plummeting 38 per [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

New tax laws in Queen's Speech

"We fear the reality of this Queen's Speech will be very different from the rhetoric. "The Queen's Speech will talk of a 'One Nation approach' - yet Cameron sets the nations of the country against each other. "This is the Queen's Speech for working people from a One Nation Government that will bring our country together. "Behind this Queen's Speech [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

US economic recovery masks tale of many cities

Nearly half of the biggest US metropolitan areas have yet to recoup all the lost jobs from the Great Recession and almost a third have failed to return to previous levels of output, according to analysis that underscores the fragmenting urban [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

Modi's Visit To China: A Task Well Begun

By R.S. Kalha* As the dust settles after the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China and the time for instant analysis required by modern visual and print media inevitably passes; it is in the fullness of time to take a calm and dispassionate look at where we stand in the context of Sino-Indian relations. As there are space constraints, let [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

My Queen’s Speech: a radical programme for the UK

Tomorrow is Queen's Speech day. No government that might have been elected would have presented the programme I would wish for. These would have been my priority bills:A National Infrastructure ActA bill to provide finance of £50 billion a year for five years to:Build 100,000 new social houses a year.Provide [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

European Stocks Seen Higher After Selloff

Stock futures point to a higher open on Wednesday following the previous session's selloff. That said, gains are likely to be capped by increasing political instability in Spain and Poland and the situation in debt-plagued Greece ahead of debt repayments to the International Monetary Fund due next month. Read more ...

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27 May 2015

Meet One of the Most Hated Men in Greece

The IMF pledged $38 billion to Greece, a record relative to a nation’s shares in the institution. Greek officials were planning to meet Wednesday in Brussels with the European Commission and IMF to try to resolve the standoff. His role has made him an object of scorn in Greece, where spending cuts and tax increases have sparked protests. Yet the [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015

Infographic: How agricultural emissions affect our health

The infographic explains what the sources for agricultural emissions are, how they impact on our health and why it is important to regulate them. Yet emissions reductions over the past thirty years for either of these pollutants have not been as impressive as reductions of pollutants from other sectors. The agricultural sector is the main source of [...] Read more ...

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27 May 2015