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18 Apr 2015

View from the Sidelines

There is also a London Taxi Driver’s Benevolent Association for War Disabled, which started in 1947 and they undertake amazing work. So a big thank you to our taxi drivers, there will be many a police officer grateful for the help that they have given. Over the years, as an operational Bobby I’ve known many occasions when taxi drivers have come [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

Scottish Power

“It’s obvious what’s happening in the UK has worked.” These were the words of Christine Lagarde, the French managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, a [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015


The Liberal Democrats are a campaigning party. Our volunteers and members are making a huge difference to their communities up and down the country. Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

chokka blog: Full Fiscal Autonomy for Dummies

Of course if Scotland's deficit rate was lower than the UK's we would be running a relative surplus. Gross that up by Scotland's 5.3m population and you get to an underlying (before oil) deficit gap of £9.1bn. When the oil tide flows out we can see more of that underlying £1,700/person deficit difference, we see more of the £9.1bn. Secondly the [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

Sturgeon facing calls to spell out position on devo-max, after Alex Salmond contradicts her spokesman over block grant

Sturgeon facing calls to spell out position on devo-max, after Alex Salmond contradicts her spokesman over block grant Published on 18 April 2015 Daniel Sanderson NICOLA Sturgeon is under pressure to clarify the SNP's stance on full fiscal autonomy amid claims that statements made by Alex Salmond and her official spokesman are at odds with each oth [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

The economists’ manifesto

It’s often said that economists have too much influence on policy. A critic might say that politicians are dazzled by data-driven arguments and infatuated with the free-market-fetishising practitioners of the dismal science. As a card-carrying [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

The Green Party and tax

I have looked at the Labour and Tory manifestos and commented on LibDem tax plans. Now it is time to look at the Greens, whose manifesto is considerably more detailed on this [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015

Share The Facts

It's no mystery why our economy is creating jobs: it's because of the hard work of the British people and our plan that backs businesses and builds a stronger, healthier economy. But Ed Miliband and the SNP would put it all at risk. SHARE to let friends know. Read more ...

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18 Apr 2015