World-class care for cancer patients

We’re investing more in frontline NHS services. Today we’re announcing an extra £160 million for the Cancer Drugs Fund – to give more patients access to the latest and best cancer drugs. By taking the difficult decisions to cut inefficient spending elsewhere, we’re in a position to increase investment in the most important areas and give p [...] Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014

'Capital with a Conscience'

How do we create the right money for social enterprise in Merseyside?Over the last few years, leading practitioners from the Social Enterprise sector have been left frustrated by the social investment industry. Social Finance models do not seem to truly understand the work they are funding, and consequently, are failing to meet the growing demand f [...] Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014

Statutory Youth Service

Currently there is no statutory obligation placed on local authorities to provided a Youth Service via the respective Councils in the UK. Recently, this has meant that councils when faced with Government austerity cuts have chosen to cut vital services to our young people. Through these draconian measures many Youth Centres in the hearts of our com [...] Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014

Ian Geldard's news blog fund

I'm thinking of setting up a blog to echo my twitter feed into. This would make it easier for people to find relevant news items. £500 should pay for doman name registration, hosting and setting up. Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014

European elections 22 May 2014

Statement of results and rejected papers for the Tendring counting areaThe tables below show the number of votes and rejected papers for the Tendring counting area of the Eastern Region. Details of the full Eastern Region results can be found on the Chelmsford City Council websiteThis statement is published in accordance with Paragraphs 57 and 55 [...] Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014

Positive thinking on tax

I note Jolyon Maugham is worried about me this morning. At just after nine this morning he tweeted:I was able to reassure him a few minutes later when the next was out, and he responded:This follows a series of exchanges between us over the last couple of days where we [...] Read more ...

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28 Aug 2014