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Delivering insight, data & smarter news products since 2008

Tweetminster is a technology company that creates smart news products from social media channels. We track 1000s of influential voices in politics, media, business and sport to help our users discover the newsworthy events, trends, media and personalities that matter. From tracking UK politics to global bond markets or an insider’s view of Formula 1, we identify the most relevant stories shaping world events and package them with data into professional media monitoring tools.


  • Tweetminster.co.uk: A data powered autonomous news magazine where the articles and layout are determined by the most relevant news stories. Our systems track the stories that are most shared by politicians, media and experts, rank them and present them as news channels - Economy, World, Europe, China, Russia, Society, Education, Health, Environment, Media, MPs and Govt. Departments. These are the stories that are shaping the news, selected by the people who make it. Read today’s trending news here
  • electionista.com: our free monitoring platform that follows all the politicians, governments, political parties, embassies, parliaments, political media & commentators on Twitter - all their tweets and links to the news stories they're talking about the most - filtered by location in over 100 countries around the world. Visit electionista.com here
  • electionista pro: our enhanced electionista.com platform for professional users, featuring the ability to search within and across countries, plus tools to view and filter relevant data and content. Our pro platform will show you what the world's media, politicians and governments are saying about anything in seconds. To find out more and request a two-week trial, click here.
  • Infographics: We design data visualisations in-house for clients from public affairs firms to newspapers. We can visualise the trends within global news into formats for publication. To see our infographic work, click here.
  • Customised data services: we provide curated and packaged data, content and analysis of the topics you’re interested in. From live JSON feeds of relevant tweets and news articles to in-depth reports, we create customised data products for government departments, NGOs, institutions, news media and businesses. Our data powers commercial apps, integrates into commercial dashboard products and features regularly in UK media coverage. To discuss our work in this area, contact info@tweetminster.co.uk
  • consultancy: training and advisory around strategic communications, effective use of data and digital publishing - we don’t just analyse politics on twitter, we put our theories into successful practice. We also write, lecture and produce journalistic content about politics, technology and the way real time media is changing business and society. To ask about our consultancy services, contact info@tweetminster.co.uk
  • Our clients include global news organisations, governments & embassies, financial institutions, companies and NGOs.

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